Welcome on my website. This is one of the rare places, where you can find me on the modern internet.

I’m a tech savvy person from the Netherlands. I have an telematics education together with 20 years of professional IT experience.

My personal interests are mainly:

  • Programming on data integrations, the automation of SysAdmin work-flows and Full Stack development
  • Radio controlled cars
  • Urban Exploring and Geocaching
  • Share my opinions on digital rights and the freedom of speech

I do have a strong opinion on digital rights, and the freedom of speech.

These days people are the new gold. Big corporations do profile their users like they did never before. Those profiles are worth more than a real human life. Most users are not aware of business models behind all those “free” services, or just a victim of their need for convenience.

It becomes a big problem when those profiles are leaking out to other services or companies. Take FitBit for example. Many insurance companies are interested in their data. Talking had already started. FitbBit already sends data to employers about their employees in the US. Sit down for a while and imagine the issue you could run into.

Another problem is government espionage. A substantial number of governments is becoming ready to create the control state. Most governments do so under the always used flag of prevention of terror. Looking at all those attacks on citizens in Europe and the US, it seems that they fail on this prevention.

Taking another aspect in consideration. The US and European politics are genuine corporatocracies. Corporations pointing the politics in the directions they need them to move. In Brussels alone 30.000 lobbyists are active indoctrinating the 28 European commissioners and their staff. They seem to doing a fairly well job.

All those aspects made me a fair bit skeptical on the well-willing of especially the big companies.

Therefore I don’t use “social” services like Facebook and Twitter. I also have reservations about companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple. Because using an Android or iOS device would be really hypocrite, I do use an old Nokia for a few years now. I’m not a person that lives in a wooden shed, completely off the grid, and wearing a tinfoil hat. I do use a lot of modern technology, but only the ones that serve me, and also respect my human rights.

This site contains stuff I think that could be useful to others. Be aware that this site reflects my opinions on all sorts of subjects. My opinion doesn’t necessarily respect other peoples opinions. Don’t be offended. Try to start a dialog with me. Maybe we can meet in the middle.

Have fun